Sunday, July 29, 2012

Okay, there were no posts between May and August. Guess we went underground for the summer. Actually, though, Karen went on the road and traveled through Southern California visiting family and friends, then up the coast with a healthy dose of alone time, and more visiting in Oregon and Washington, then Shasta Lake and Lake Tahoe on the way home. It was an incredibly healing and cleansing time, and much needed slowing down time.  

Results of the autopsy were received in July. The medical examiner named several possible causes of death (related to Jim's health issues and/or being out in the wilderness) but stated that it was not possible to determine which possibility caused his death. So, we know nothing more, but we are not surprised, and mystery remains.

Our family has moved three more months into life goes on. We seem to continue to notice new aspects of our loss, and pass new anniversaries that bring Jim back to the front of our psyches: his birthday, a year since the Tucson Retirement Trip and the last time two of his children saw him. Others will come along, but life does go on and Ali will marry Paul September 22, and our family will gather once more, in Oregon, for a very happy occasion and celebration. It is nice to know that Jim was happy and pleased about the love that Ali and Paul have found in each other.  Peace. posted by Karen.