Sunday, December 25, 2011

Celebrating the Greatest Cosmic Event of All Time

God becoming one of us. Pretty big stuff in simple form. What a strange way to save the world. In church last night wondering whether Jim knows it is Christmas Eve...what a thing to different from one year ago... but really...did he know?

Yes, anniversary came and went, now Christmas and no word from Jim so far. Still looking for new ways to search for Jim and hoping to find him alive and ready for a new life among those he loves.

In Oregon, celebrating with Ali and Paul. New family and good times; beautiful worship; wonderful music; breath of heaven moving around me; filling; comforting. What a strange way to live...

Hoping that all who read and care are also full of God's love today. Knowing that the creator of everything you love, also loves you. Thank you to all. Merry Christmas.


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  1. Yours is a far richer message than the one I heard Christmas Eve. I have kept you in prayer and will continue to do so.

    Pastor Carolyn Arness
    (medically retired in Las Vegas; friend from days in Idaho to Wendell and Netsie)