Sunday, April 8, 2012

Jim's body has been found...

Hallelujah.  Our prayers have been answered!  In response to the powerful prayers for Jim on Good Friday, his remains were found midday on Saturday.  Don Newton found Jim's body in a remote section of Woods Canyon.  While the Yavapai Sheriff's office still considers the body a John Doe, Karen was able to identify his wedding ring.

Nearly 6 months have past since his disappearance and while questions still remain, we rejoice that dad's body was intact, that the medical examiner will be able to answer many of those questions, and that we will be able to have a memorial service to celebrate his life soon.

Jim Schwartz.  You are are an amazing man and you were loved by more people than you realize.  We pray that you passed from this earth in peace...surrounded by the beauty of the desert.

We will continue to use Facebook and the FJS blog to keep everyone updated.  Please know that despite the grief, as a family we are joyful as well.  We love you all and thank you for all of your support.

AZ Central Channel 12 News Report

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