Monday, January 23, 2012

24 Hour Prayer Vigil for Jim Schwartz

Knowing that lots of the people we love are far away and so many people around the country have been sending their love and prayers our way, we'd love to have people all over coming together during this 24 hour period (Friday 6 am to Saturday 6 am) covering this prayer vigil. Please sign up just by sending a message about which hour you will be praying for Jim, and his family. List of specific prayer requests to be posted soon. Some will probably relate to a search party that is being organized for this weekend or the next to go into a Woods Canyon that we now realize he did walk into 3 months ago. No certainty, of course, that after 3 months he is still there, but we know too that he could be. Will post the sign up list for prayer vigil as it develops. Thank you to all!

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