Tuesday, January 31, 2012

We wonder, we ask.

So many people looking in on the recent events of Jim's life ask questions, propose theories, and wonder about what caused him to make this move he has made. Hints from his whole life: events, interests, habits, personality, accomplishments, involvements, hurts, pains, relationships, emotional landscape, things said, passions, and beliefs...all point us to speculations, theories, and insights. One lesson for all of us to learn: we are all a combination of good and bad. There is no perfection and seeking it is futile and destructive to our well being. Knowing it, admitting it, and receiving Christ's forgiveness in the middle of it is the only way to real peace.

I share a slide show created by Celeste at Rock of Ages Lutheran Church for last Friday's prayer service, from our library of lifetime photos, for a partial glimpse of Jim's life. Perhaps one more tidbit of insight. Love to you all. Karen


  1. Check out homless shelters and men's shelters

  2. Karen,
    What a beautiful, loving slide show of your family.
    I continue to lift you all up.
    Julie (Trewartha) Saffrin